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Automatic Assured Receptivity Unit (AARU)

Envitech Energy's Automatic Assured Receptivity Units (AARU) are designed to ensure wayside dissipation of energy from electric-braking transit cars. A three step, matched-resistor bank system is fitted and controlled to adapt to the heaviest and fastest trains, making sure that only power that needs dissipating is dissipated. Part of the DC power substation, AARUs can be installed in new systems or customized to adapt to existing systems.

Our AARU controller can be applied in:

  • regenerative braking
  • braking resistor units
  • test track braking loads

Some of the custom-designed AARU features Envitech Energy has provided to its clients:

  • operating voltage range from 500 to 3000 VDC
  • overload protection
  • cabinet or trolley mounted
  • natural (convection) cooling or forced-air (fan) cooling
  • event recording
  • remote control: ethernet port with TCP/IP (graphical user interface)
  • in-service software updates
  • standard communication interface (RS232, RS485, Modbus, TCP/IP)
  • multiple I/O for acquisition and control of other equipment
  • open source operating system for cost effective support and maintenance
  • LCD display and LED
  • SCADA interface

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