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BASS Battery Storage System

The BASS is a high capacity battery storage system intended to sustain the load for longer periods of time when the supply from renewable energies is low or when the load demand is at its peak. This functionality allows the BASS to provide important economic and environmental benefits. For example, the BASS can sustain power demand in prolonged peak periods which would otherwise require maintaining a spinning reserve. It can also level the delivery of power from fluctuating renewable sources by compensating for the peaks and troughs which continuously occur. The BASS can also be used as an energy management solution which captures the energy during hours of excess capacity and low production costs and which releases it at a later time when production costs are at their highest. Finally, it can avoid the need to over dimension generation and distribution networks in order to support demand surges.

The BASS can be configured as required, typically ranging from 50kWh to several MWh. Several battery technologies can be used (lead-acid, nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion) in order to appropriately address the individual requirements.

Key characteristics include:

  • Choice of battery technologies (lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion)
  • Bidirectional converter with 1MW peak power capacity
  • Configurable to operate on DC busses between 200V and 600V DC
  • Conversion efficiency of 99%
  • Configurable storage capacity from typically 50kWh to MWhs

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